How we got our name

Why is this pocket of paradise called Margaret River Heartland? Two reasons…

We planted a heart-shaped grove of avocados and Tahitian limes in 2011. When the trees grow, the heart will form an aerial marker for pilots to ID our private airstrip. When they see the ❤️ they will know where to LAND.

❤️+land = Heartland. Get it???

aerial view of Margaret River Heartland


The other reason we are called Margaret River Heartland is because we are literally smack bang in the middle of the #MargaretRiverWineRegion — we are at the very HEART of all the action. So blessed!


Several guests mention our convenient location in the middle of the Margaret River region … We might not be “10 minutes to everywhere”, but we are certainly 10 minutes to the must-see-and-do places —

#cowaramup township and
#Gracetown beach,

to name just a few destinations within cooee of our farm gate. And arguably, this is enough!!